Renew You in 2018 with the Military Spouse Wellness Summit


​Six months ago I was frantically checking flights and looking at arrangements to see if there was any way I could pull off two, week long trips in the month of October. With three kids, an active duty husband, and living nowhere near family, I was feeling quite stuck. I knew that these events were going to be helpful to me, professionally, but I kept coming to the conclusion that they would not be beneficial for my family. 

After a bit of finagling and thought, I decided that I could only realistically attend one event. So with support from my dad, a lot of grace from my husband, and a fantastic babysitter, I was able to make it work. 

I'm already making plans to attend an event or two in 2018, starting with the Military Spouse Wellness Summit, March 5-11th. But guess what? I can do it from home. In my pajamas even! 

No Travel

Travelling for a conference or work event is hard for anyone, but being a military spouse makes it even harder! I am constantly amazed at the things we can pull off, but I'm so excited that the Military Spouse Wellness Summit and Independent found a way to present quality information without the need for travel! The Virtual Summit brings quality information on a variety of topics, for free, from the comfort of your own home. 

Topics include:

  • Health & Wealth
  • Minimize & Organize
  • Tone Muscles & Burn Fat
  • Eat Intuitively & Sleep Peacefully
  • Connect Purposefully & Love Deeply

No Missed Work

​This may be one of the most amazing parts about the Military Spouse Wellness Summit. You don't have to miss anything else to be there! Travelling for work often means making up work later. Whether it's on the plane, in the hotel late at night, or longer hours leading up to/recovering from an event. With this summit, you can listen to the sessions on your lunch break, in the gym, or in the evenings, allowing your regular work schedule to stay where it is. Because when we're talking about balance over burnout, we know one of the simplest ways to balance is to leave work at work and try to relax at home. 

No Childcare

There is absolutely nothing relaxing about managing childcare arrangements while travelling for a conference. Even when you have the perfect plan, with a backup, you worry. With the Military Spouse Wellness Summit, there is no reason to worry about that! You can listen at home while the kids play. You can listen in the car while they are at soccer practice. You can listen in the evenings after they go to sleep. You have the flexibility to listen to the sessions when it works for you. 

Because it's about you.  

Renew You

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to?

  • Listen to the soothing voice of Corie Weathers?
  • Learn about how to find balance before burnout, on your own schedule?
  • Discover new ways to balance your mind and body, from 10 experts?

Then sign up today!

VIP Registrants will also receive

  • ​Access to a virtual swag bag with discounts to top health and wellness brands
  • Entry to amazing giveaways, including  an all expenses paid trip to a Chris Kyle Frog Foundation Empowered Spouses Retreat in 2018
  • Ability to access the recordings after the summit is over.

Now through Jan 31st, you can save almost 50% on your VIP Registration! ​(Use code: EARLYBIRD)

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Sunday, 22 July 2018